cerco architetto a firenze

FW A is not a structured office yet. It is a work-in-progress environment oriented to architectural research in the field of sustainability. Candidates will have to understand this and aim to be part of this process. Still, FW A is involved in a number of projects form architecture to consultancy and research and it aims to expand its business. Here candidates can find FW A approach to design and verify if they share it.
FWA is working with the following windows based softwares:

Microsoft Office: Presentations and Analsyis of Environmental Design   |   Adobe Suite: Graphics and Presentations   |  Autocad: 2D design   Rhinoceros : 3D and Renders   |    Grasshopper: Parametric design and Environmental Analsysis (LadyBug, HoneyBee and ButterFly)   |   EDSL TAS: Thermodynamic Building Simulation   |   Envi-Met: Microclimatic Analysis   |   A good knowledge of English, both reading and writing, is required

Other Skills required:
Good Knowledge of Principles of Sustainability
Good Graphics capabilities

If you feel you are the person we are looking for, please send a motivation letter to info@filippoweber.com attaching a short CV and Portfolio.