Architecture and sustainability


At the heart of modern technical and artistic experimentation, we explore and push contemporary design boundaries in order to create new environments, new locations, new cities.
Through careful and precise analysis, research, the use of specialized software and intuition we imagine and create modern, poetic and resilient buildings and spaces, well integrated with all four of nature’s elements, and able to improve the surrounding environment.

Dynamic spacial experiences to live better.

the firm

Filippo Weber Architects is an architectural firm with its headquarters in Florence, but is active on an international level.

With the objective being to trasmit elegance and emotion in each project, we follow our clients from the birth of the idea to the implementation phase, actively committing ourselves to the perfect harmony of architectural themes and sustainable urban planning.

We are proud members of Impact Hub, a world wide web of innovative co-working areas animated by an international network of professionals.

mitigative buildings

Just like the advent of the arch, steel, reinforced concrete all changed the shape of buildings and cities, today is finally the time for a new design paradigm.

A project able to think and execute solutions that reduce energy demands, enhance living comfort and transform buildings into thermodynamic systems, all in harmony with the surrounding environment.


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