Mitigative buildings


Like the advent of the arch, steel, reinforced concrete all changed the shape of buildings and cities, today is finally the time for a new design paradigm.

We believe that being modern in architecture means designing buildings with the prorogative of not consuming energy, this is possible thanks to the knowlegeable use of natural elements and what is provided by our surroundings.

A building that is truly modern is Passive and Mitigative.

Thanks to our model and to our approach, we are able to think and then create solutions capable of reducing the energy demands, better the living comfort, and transform buildings into thermodynamic systems in harmony with the environment. A new mitigative approach that takes into consideration the buildings, the spaces between them, the environment and the people that live within, as parts of a single system that, when working in balance, are able to regulate the surrounding microclimate and therefore extend the use of passive strategies to reduce the energy demand and consumption.

Our Approach

Interpret the web of urban, landscape and climate contexts

Functionally optimize the distribution of areas

Study il design degli spazi esterni per regolare il microclima circostante

Develop passive strategies to tactfully take advantage of natural resources: light, air, heat

Evaluate the behaviour and interaction between people and buildings to enhance comfort

Complete the residual energy demands with their production from renewable resources

Test design intuitions with powerful analysis software to simulate light, humidity and temperature

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