ariano irpino school


Generating an architectual structure open to the city, able to blend discreetly with the urban and social context of the area: this was our goal.

The new backdrop of Piazza S. Francesco, characterized by an ephemeral architecture made of glass that reflects the environment, integrates the idea of inclusion by having the community penetrate inside the school and making it an integral part of the building.

The square volumes are opened by extending the existing public space through a window overlooking the landscape, returning the original ‘genius loci’.

Design Competition in Collaboration with AEI Progetti

1.240 mq

Ariano Irpino Municipality

Energy Consumption Target
Near zero-energy school

The community inside the school

The involvement of the community is enhanced by the functions of the Civic Center that link the educational pole with the community.

In tune with the dynamic vocation of the institute, the project develops a concept of a classroom similar to the new needs of teaching and laboratory.

The offer of the spaces was then reformulated by analyzing the individual disciplines, their predisposition to sharing spaces and equipment.

The classrooms become part of a learning landscape in which the student is free to move independently and to deal with colleagues of different ages and with teachers.

In order to favor these movements, the spaces of relationships and informal learning have been widely emphasized, with which the classrooms can interact and merge.

the project

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