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Thanks to heating and cooling bioclimatic strategies (passive solar heating and night cooling ventilation, respectively) integrated in the renovation design of this small building, we were able to eliminate the need for cooling systems, and reduce energy consumption for heating to extremely low levels (lower than 10 kWh/m2 per year, about 1/sq.m per year) using very simple systems: radiators and condensation boilers.

The building was verified and preliminarily tested with modeling thermodynamics software allowing us to define the correct insulation thicknesses as well as the size of ceiling/wall openings necessary for ventilation and passive heating.

Total consumption for all utilities (electricity, gas and water) is less than € 375 per person per year (for two occupants).

Architectural Design, Plant Design and Energy Consulting


Structures (structural engineer)
AEI Progetti

65 mq

Noccioli Costruzioni

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