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The Enrico Fermi school of Turin was designed to be in symbiosis with climate and its context, gaining energy from natural elements in order to give it back in various forms, even through mitigation of the surrounding microclimate.

The casing, working in synergy with the existing structure, doesn’t just create a new image for the school but, more importantly, is an element able to create a comfortable and healthy microclimate indoors, with optimal light exposure, without the need of complex plants and systems technologies, almost exclusively thanks to a knowledgeable use of the available natural elements.

A project that creates a new open access to the Civic Center and allows the city to “enter” into the school.

Design Competition

7000 mq

Fondazione Agnelli

Energy Target
Almost-zero energy mitigative school

A building in symbiosis with climate and context

Here, where the school meets the neighbourhood, is where all usable spaces merge into a community at pre-established timings: the library with its polyfunctional room, the gym and the music labs, art and tech support, the atrium and the common areas.

The visual transparency of these spaces underlines and strengthens the continuous bond between school and neighbourhood.

The common areas are tactfully interpreted as places where one can spend their time, even after school, thanks to the multiple activities students can take part in, given the new spacial quality and the new furnishings provided.

This clearly contributes to the transformation of the atrium and other connected common areas into an area to be actively lived in, where one can carry out different activities: from studying, to listening to music, interaction with one other, even meditation.

The external recreational and academic spaces, which are nothing but an extension of the common indoor ones, have all been unified on the eastern side of the building, favouring winter sun exposure in order to utilize the outdoor areas even during the colder months. For this same reason the central square was incorporated by the gym thanks to a new covering, which can be opened and removed during the summer, so as to allow students to excercise in an indoor\outdoor space.

The cluster was imagined as a sole open area, to favour interactions between different aged students while preserving a large enough space. Mobile walls allow for the division of this area into one, two, or three classrooms whose circular shapes favour the feeling of inclusion, interaction, and belonging to the energy and cultural epicenter of the school.

The main furnishings are movable, light-weight, foldable and unifiable, allowing for maximum flexibility of all spatial configurations.

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