stone city headquarters


The Stone City Headquarters building. Located near Bergamo, was created, through an integrated design, to be a stiking view from the adjacent highway, with internal and external functional areas, in an nZEB and low-maintenance plan.

“Highway” architectures are often buildings defined by their rigid outlines: all fairly similar, none particularly stand out, few are remembered.

The design challenge to carve the company’s brand into the memory of the highway viewers was approached by creating a perfectly recognizable building, as an entrance to a stone quarry that rises at the side of the highway. 

Parametric modelling analysis (Grasshopper 3D) allowed to position the building in a lot with the most visibility, even for travellers coming from Milan. In this same optics, the wind tower allocation between the new building and the pre-existing allows to capture the travellers’ attention even from afar.

The curved shape was optimized to maximize the passive solar gain, and to allow for shading of the glass windows in the summer in order to minimize energy consumption and preserve a symbiotic presence of the building with its surroundings.

Design Competition

1250 mq

Stone City

Energy Target
Zero Energy Mitigative Building

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