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With this project, Villa M inaugurated a new season of life, sensitive to its historical memory but also an expression of more contemporary times.

On this backdrop, we transferred our vision of dialogue between history and the contemporary, from the reinterpretation of open spaces all the way down to the details, passing by the design of custom-made furniture.

The neutrality of the colours, the grey of the stone and the white of the walls, as well as the linearity of the interventions and the details underlines the contrast with the warmth of the wood of the central staircase and of the historical furnishings, which in turn converse perfectly with the contemporary ones, like the kitchen or the iron elements.

The central hall is now a bright, well illuminated intricate space, livable on all three of its levels, which allows for new glimpses of the external grounds.

The ground floor is dominated by open but fluid spaces that can be easily transformed: a movable wall is entrusted with the separation of the kitchen for formal events.

The flooring in local stone ‘pietra serena’ amplifies the continuity between the interior and the external areas of the new livable terrace.

The upper floor is where the private quarters can be found, and where the atmosphere heats up thanks to the use of a thermo-treated oak flooring, providing all the comforts of modern living.

The constraints on the building did not allow for a complete energetic requalification. Thanks to our approach however, we were able to reduce consumption and improve comfort through the optimization of different systems, substitution of few window fixtures and restoration of other existing ones, surface insulation and the creation of several spot-light ceiling windows to improve summer night ventilation.

Architectural Design and Energy Consultancy


750 mq

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