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Extensively applying our design approach, we transformed an industrial area of Prato into a high architectural quality and zero-energy balance district: the entire district does not consume more energy than it produces.

The residential units are oriented and spaced to maximize the winter sun exposure, while maintaining the required alignment by the municipality.

The terraces, which face north, look towards the hills of Monteferrato and hide the not-so-far-away industrial plateau. Access to the units is guaranteed either from the underground car park or through the park that surrounds the buildings and extends the private gardens.

The commercial spaces arise within the old sheds’ structure that, renewed and “cut”, form protected internal courtyards that maximize winter solar exposure.

Just like in a game of Chinese boxes, the air-conditioned commercial units are but boxes inside the existing structure, passively controlling the microclimate. Our approach has therefore allowed to reduce the plants and systems component to a single 40kW geothermal heat pump unit, able to cover the energy needs of 7500 square meters of residential and commercial areas.

Architectural Design and Energy Consultancy

7000 mq

Structures (structural engineer)
TE.CO. – Ing. Landucci

Wonder s.r.l.

Energy Consumption Target
Zero-energy district

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